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Formation and Development of Electronic Commerce

With the development of science and technology, electronic commerce emerged and spread widely, which brings convenient and comfortable life to human beings. People have access to purchase what they want and do business without going outside. Information technology refers to the two electronic technology developed in the second half of the 20th century, the integrated circuit technology and data network communication technology; it lays solid foundation for e-commerce. Nowadays, we can see lots of young people run business on the internet; many young girls do wholesale to make money. The emergence and development of e-commerce benefits large numbers of people, and provides more chances for young people in pioneering business.

In 1940s, a new era of information technology revolution began and developed faster compared with the industrial revolution. Besides, it exerts deeper and wider influence on social productive forces and the human work, lifestyle. Wide range of applications of the computer, the past 30 years, faster speed of computer processing in the past 30 years, the growing processing power and the lower price, all these contribute the development of e-commerce. The popularity and maturity of the network, the growing number of internet users and the characteristics of fast speed, safe and low-cost supplies application conditions for the development of e-commerce.

E-commerce attracts the attention of the governments around the world; many governments began to try the online procurement, thus providing favorable support for the development of e-commerce. In the 1970s, people have generally convenient and fast fax machine to replace the telegraph. However, fax documents pass through the paper printing and management information, so it cannot be directly transferred to the information system, so people started using EDI as the application of e-commerce technology in the enterprise, which is the rudiment of e-commerce.

Paperless trading or paperless transaction now is exceedingly common; the development of e-commerce in China is fairly prosperous. More and more people are inclined to choosing online shopping or online business, since it is convenient and safe. A great crowd of people make money by staying at home, and at the same time, people work before a computer. When you open the shopping website, different kinds of goods will come to your sight. If you want to buy jewelry, input key words