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What to Look For When Buying Resell Rights Products

There are 2 types of resale rights category – the low end and high end resale products.

There are some products that are bundled with the resell packages that are very useful and then there are others that are a waste of computer space.


For example, there are outdated pop-up generators and meta tag generators. Do you really think someone is going to buy a software that will create a few paragraphs of text for you? Only if you’re selling to those who have never buy any resale rights products before.

When I’m buying products to resell there are several criteria they must follow:

1. They must have a minimum suggested resale price.

I’ve seen time and time again products that originally sold well for $100 to $200 which are rendered totally worthless because the authors didn’t set a minimum price on their product.


For example, if one reseller gives a product away for free as a bonus for whatever reason then other resellers get discouraged because they think “how can I sell mine for $200 when he’s giving it away for free?”

2. They must be sold as a stand alone product.

Again, this is to protect the value of the product. If another reseller is including it in a package, I won’t be able to easily sell it for a high margin. However, if the product are allowed to be package with certain terms and conditions, then it’s a good buy because I can repackage it as well in my other future promotion.

3. I must be able to change the sales page.

I want to be able to change the graphics and add my own personality to the sales page. I don’t want to be restricted to using the same sales page as everyone else. The more I can separate myself from the crowd, the better. Also, being a testing maniac, I know I can always improve the response of any sales letter if I can change it.


Actually, I prefer buying products that don’t include a sales page. I know my competitors will be too lazy to come up with a sales page so I’m a winner already.

4. The product must not be old.

I don’t want to promote an outdated product. The newer the product, the lesser people have seen it. There are exceptions of course.

You can bring an old product to life by giving it a new sales page and graphics. Some older products may not be promoted anymore by people because they’ve dropped out of the spotlight. You can often get the resell rights cheaper for older products.

5. The product must be good.

There are many products that seem to be just a long sales letter for affiliate programs. They make their money mainly on the resale rights. Surprising but true, most people who buy resale rights to a product will not do anything with the product. They just want to have the ability to resell it when they want to.

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