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Chinese cars to strengthen the capability of independent innovation

Strengthen the capacity of independent innovation, to increase investment. It is reported that, only Chi Chuan project invested 6.8 billion. Automobile platform higher development costs, foreign development platform often have to invest one billion to more than one billion dollars. Even if parts of the R & D with a lot of money. Mercedes-Benz in 1967 started the development of the airbag, spent 13 years, 250 test vehicles, more than 2500 crash test, and seven million kilometers of driving test in December 1980 on the S-Class, with airbags.

According to British Business, Innovation and Skills announced the global R & D investment in 2009 the first 1000 corporate data, although in 2009 the automotive industry R & D investment over the previous year declined, but it remains a global R & D investment and the third largest industry. Automobiles and auto parts industry, corporate R & D accounted for 16%, just below the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry (19%) and technology hardware and equipment industry (17%). From the vehicle research and development put into the rankings, Toyota, Volkswagen, General Motors is still the largest global R & D investment vehicle enterprises. Financial crisis on the auto giants in the R & D investment has had a tremendous impact in all 26 vehicle manufacturers, 15 R & D investments has a negative growth. Toyota Motor Corp. fell 2 percent, the mass decreased by 6 percent, while GM dropped 24 percent, Ford down 33%; Renault also reached 26%.

Proportion of sales from R & D costs, the highest proportion for Porsche, 11.3%; Volkswagen, General Motors, Honda, Daimler, Nissan, OF THE, BMW, Renault and other R & D investment in 2009 rose at 5 % or more; Toyota, Ford, Peugeot 2009 R & D investment in the proportion of between 4% to 5%.

In recent years, the government calls, corporate shouting called public opinion, like the auto industry in innovation very, very busy, however, the total R & D expenses of the century, China’s auto industry is still low in 2009 the scale of 46.06 billion, accounting for sales revenue the proportion of 2%; our business 3%, only the lower limit of the global level, with average reach. Main products: car dvd player and in car camera, are with good quality.

Winterport, CEO of Volkswagen Group, estimate that a total invested about 60 billion Euros of four-year research and development during the period of the Volkswagen Group in the MQB platform, expected in 2014 will see a profit that is 3 years.


The original of steam, general manager of Gang recommends that companies want to get rid of impulsiveness, and to improve their innovation capability. “Since the national advocacy of independent innovation, the automotive industry actively follow up, created a lot of ways to engage its own brand vehicles: plagiarism generic, buy design platform, have commissioned a study designed overseas, and overseas joint development The original purpose of the joint venture in a foreign country or to buy the plant, commissioned in a foreign country, run design company, but also improved on the existing platforms in the joint venture. On the creators ‘own brand’ is access to business intellectual property rights of their products, this goal is reached; but in the strict sense, this cannot be considered truly reached the ‘independent’ can only be said to complete the stage.