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Pre-requisites for a Successful Career as a Magazine Editor

In this article we shall discuss some pre-requisites of having a successful career as a magazine editor.

Pre-requites For Building a Career as a Magazine Editor

• Skills Required: For a successful career as a magazine editor, one requires to possess a right blend of various skills such as accounting skills, management and production experience, computer skills, etc. Creativity and passion are perhaps the most desired qualities of a magazine editor since his job requires him to give creative inputs on host of things such as look of the magazine, new story ideas, pulling the target audience, etc.

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• Education and Training: A high level of education is required to become a magazine editor. One may acquire a degree or diploma in the field of English Literature to make a sound career as a magazine editor. Hold on the language and good editing skills undoubtedly go a long way in securing a career. It is advised that one should enroll oneself into classes of writing, journalism, editing and related fields, before making a foray into the editing world.

• Experience: Do not think that an editor’s job is served on a platter when you are out of your school, right away. One needs to have a considerable experience before taking on the responsibilities of an editor. For this, start as a journalist or writer before venturing into this field.

• Understanding the Challenges of the Job: The responsibilities of a magazine editor includes planning, coordinating, directing and overseeing all content that is being published in the magazine or the journal. It also involves determining the theme of each issue, deciding on graphics, advertisements and layout, organizing and arranging interviews and research, hiring writers, photographers, editors, and other people, amongst others. Be prepared to meet these challenges in full swing!