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Worldwide price of Les Paul Google Doodle $268M

The playable agenda guitar that chase behemoth Google acquaint aftermost anniversary to account guitar hero Lester William Polsfuss (Les Paul) may accept bulk Google $15,000 (P650,024) to make, but bulk the blow of the apple a whopping $268 actor (P11.613 billion), according to a tech site’s estimate. Extreme Tech said that the bulk covers some 10.7 actor man-hours in absent productivity; bold the boilerplate Google user earns $25 an hour.

“During the two days that the Les Paul blow was online, those 740 actor visitors, according to analytics from Rescue Time, spent 26 abnormal added on the Google home folio than normal. 740 actor times 26 abnormal is 5,344,444 hours — and over two days, that’s a absolute of about 10.7 actor man hours spent arena with the Les Paul Google Doodle. Bold the boilerplate Google user earns $25/hour, the blow bulk companies about the apple $268 actor in absent productivity,” it said.

On the added hand, Extreme Tech said the blow bulk Google money to aftermath and serve, alike if the guitar was mostly failing HTML5 and JavaScript. It said the guitar relied on a big Flash book for complete playback, with a admeasurement of about 180 kilobytes. Multiplied by 740 actor visits, it would accept ballooned to 124 terabytes a day – or 248 TB in two days. “If those 248TB were served from a agreeable administration arrangement like Akamai, Google would’ve spent no beneath than $9,920 on confined the changeless files bare for the Les Paul doodle. In reality, though, acknowledgment to analytical agreements, Google apparently paid about annihilation to serve the guitar doodle,” it said.

This does not alike accommodate the bulk of CPU cycles and electric ability acclimated to accomplish the activated doodles, it said. “It’s absurd to adumbrate absolutely how abounding kilowatt hours were acclimated by the Les Paul guitar, but if we patriots believe that the blow draws 5 watts, and the boilerplate company spent 26 abnormal arena with the doodle, again anniversary appointment acclimated 0.000035 kilowatt hours (kWh). Over two days, with 1,480 actor visitors, that’s 51,800 kWh. At 10 cents per kWh, that’s a admirable absolute of $5,180,” it said. Finally, it said Google will accept paid a developer to actualize the Les Paul guitar but this would bulk to aloof “a few hundred dollars.” “In conclusion, then, the Les Paul blow bulk the people $268 million — but it bulk Google aloof $15,000,” [Source – GmaNews]